Time Change

Do you remember a while back when I said that the time change couldn't come fast enough? Well it's here and apparently springing forward hasn't brought with it the good times I was looking for. In Oxnard we have a little something called May Gray and June Gloom which basically means that there's a lot of fog and very little sunshine. Doesn't make for much of a summer. That same kind of weather pattern is here now and it's almost Spring. What gives?
My current mood can best be summed up by that photograph in the upper left hand corner of this post. Murky Dismal's the name and gloom is his game. He's accompanied by his "evil" yet incredibly stupid sidekick, Lurky. They're from one of my favorite childhood cartoons, Rainbow Bright. Seeing that actually puts a smile on my face. Funny the things you remember from when you were wee.
Truthfully, I really have nothing to complain about. My social calendar is as full as ever, school's going very well and life in general isn't too shabby. Every now and then, though, it feels like all the little tiny speed bumps of life want to gang up on you all at once. It's that mood that makes you want to crawl under the covers and sleep all day. Or that tricks you into believing that cutting off all of your hair will solve all of your problems. Sigh. Here's to hoping Friday makes it all better.


Buzz said...

Nothing wrong with May gray and june gloom. Keeps it from getting blistery hot.

Go all bohemian and move to Ojai, the marine layer rarely reaches out that far east.

Damn I miss it up there.

Shora said...

Um, hello, you live in California, you've lost all right to bitch about weather. ;)

Sassy One said...

LOL at Shora.

I loved Rainbow Bright.

Dear Mother Nature,
Send us some sunshine bitch.