Love Thursday or Snippets: You Decide

That up there is my nephew giving you the stink eye.
Love that monkey.
  • Last night I dreamed I was Samuel L. Jackson and I was an assassin and shot two rich white folks and was on the run disguised at a homeless person. I blame the glass of wine I had before bedtime.
  • My grandmother on my dad's side who I hardly know has been given 2 weeks to live. That is some sad shit.
  • I may or may not have failed my chemistry midterm last night but at least my ink was on the page so it wasn't a total bombing.
  • Tomorrow I have a massage scheduled and would like to continue doing that at the first of the month for as long as I live. Amen.
  • How is it possible I've gone through 3 boxes of tissues in the last month and the snot just keeps on coming?
  • Yesterday marked one week without candy or soda for me minus a wee slip up that I'm not counting - a cookie containing approximately 4 M&Ms.

That's all I've got really. Nothing super exciting has been going on as you can clearly see by the above statements. Hope you have a nice Thursday, y'all.


Itchy said...

Sorry to hear about you grandmother. Though, my sister's husband's grandmother has been told similar news for years....and she's still hanging out. Sometimes Doctors are wrong.

I need some motivation to stop eating crap, too. I'm starting to get back into that "ew" place...

hotdrwife said...

He is too cute for words!!

Kiss his face off, I say!

PS I gave up soda until the end of March. In on it with another friends. It's harrrrrrrd, but I'm going to try and lose some pounds.

Coodence said...

Good for you-big-not-drinking-soda gal-you! Who drinks soda anyways?

Thats soo 1993.

Ethan is a cuute baby!!

Sassy One said...

Is that the look he makes when he's filling his diaper?
He's too cute for words!

Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

I'm being good too now...for serious!

Shora said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother. Alzheimer's is such a horrible thing.

But the line goes on in gorgeous little Ethan!

Happy weekend babe. xoxox

Hollz said...

Hes so cute!