Love ThursDay 11

Time to move down that bad ju-ju from the beginning of the week...

1112 045
It seems like only yesterday that I was rushing to the hospital to wait for the arrival of my brother's first child. Because I had such a great relationship with my uncle growing up, the idea of becoming an aunt was simply the coolest thing thing sliced bread... not that I have any inkling how sliced bread can even compare to being an auntie... it just sounded like the right thing to say just then... Anyway, when he came I could not stop the tears of joy from pouring down my cheeks. Here was this tiny baby that I'd fallen in love with pretty much right after he was conceived. After 9 long months of belly rubbing and anticipation here he was and he was perfect. Here we are 5 and a half months later and it's simply too good to be true. That little guy gives me the biggest smiles I've ever gotten in my life every time I see him, as if to say "Yes! My auntie's here!" and that smile is no less than contagious. Last night I went to bring him a Muppet CD and just being in his presence washed away all of the anxiety and sadness of the last week. Thank God for my little angel. He has no idea how much he "saves" me.

grandparents 044

And? Please feel free to weigh in on how great I look in the first picture with my pink and white manicure and closely cropped blondish hair. I'm marvelling at it myself.


Buzz said...

Are you growing your hair out?

Glad you have an outlet like the nephew to cheer you up.

fyrchk said...

GAWD how cute are you two???

Cool Aunties kick ass!

Itchy said...

Not to take anything away from cutie patootie nephew....but you are soooooo cute! You know I wanna smoosh you.

Sassy One said...

I don't know who's cuter! =P