Let The Countdown Begin

Two months from today I will be turning 30. Technically that's all that's on my mind right now. Well that and getting a tattoo. Or cutting my hair off like I did here. However, the two of those actions lead me to believe I'm following down Britney's meltdown path. Quarter-life crisis? I thought I was done with that when I was 25. My horoscope is telling me to sober up but that's definitely going to interfere with my plans of getting wasted this weekend for one of my favorite holidays: St. Patrick's Day. Did that even segue correctly?
Seems as though all I can muster lately is snippets and I'm not really doing the blog any justice. Oh well. That's just the way it has to be for now. My schedooly is wearing me out. I had high hopes of going to see 300 at the IMAX this weekend but after we drove down to LA and found out it was sold out for the day, Hetero Life Partner and I just went to dinner and shopped instead. Mostly I just spent the last couple of days cleaning the shit out of every place I spend time in: the apartment, my desk at work, Vehicular... my thumbs are sore to prove how diligently I cleaned.
It was hot here yesterday. Damn hot. In the 90s. I spent the day napping and resting. Watched a lot of TV. Drank a few beers. I can not wait til summer. Classes be damned.
Man. This qualifies as the most boring post ever. Sucks.


Buzz said...

Doesn't suck, never sucks...

I'm writing on the heat too, you beat me to it!


Sassy One said...

Mmmm heat....bring it on!

So when's the big birthday bash??

Shora said...

Your posts are never boring babe!

I forget what heat feels like.

You have the most beautiful big brown eyes and eyelashes to die for. Bitch. ;)