Lack Of Love Thursday

WTF, you guys??? I ask you to cross your fingers so I don't have to pay out the ass on my taxes but I guess you can't do one simple thing for me. Know why? Well my tax man called and told me that I owe $878 to federal and $694 to state. Holy Moses! That's quite a chunk of change! Aren't I supposed to get $1,572 back and not pay that ungodly amount? Le Sigh.

Not only that but stupid Cingular forgot to send me a bill last month so I not only have a past due bill with London charges ($34 extra for like 20 minutes worth of calls!) but I get the privilege of paying this month's bill at the same time! Double the money, double the fun. I have had AT&T/Cingular/AT&T as a provider for over 10 years and have never missed a bill nor have I ever sent a late payment. I miss one and am told that I should have looked it up online and that they send the bill the same time every month. Sass mouth! Then they proceed to badger me with three collection calls in a day. When I got the last call I told them I swore to God if they called me one more time after I told them I had mailed both payments that I would cancel my account. Guess what. The calls stopped. Sons of Bitches.

I'm going to miss The Office tonight and I'm super duper upset about that. Instead I'm forced to go see the stupid Diary of Anne Frank play for my stupid Multicultural Drama class. What's multicultural about Anne Frank? Haha. J/K, you guys. J/K. It's gonna be GREAT! In no way do I want to stay home and watch the reunion of Jim and Pam. Psyche.

I guess the good news is that it could always be worse. It just feels like I want to be Eeyore today with a wee raincloud over my head.


Angela said...

Hey Randi,
I think The Office is a rerun tonight. It will be new to me though. Just thought I'd let you know. Sorry about your troubles, but things will get better! :)

Buzz said...

Cingular makes me mad, furiously mad, but we're like brothers I've been with them so long.

I might as well have arguments with Cingular like;

"Hey, dude... Why are you wearing my Bugle Boy shirt!?!?"

and cingular would be like

"well you weren't wearing it, you haven't worn it for like a week!"

and I'd be all like

"that shit don't matter cingular, take it off!"

and they'd be like

"fuck that, you never wear it, plus you wore MY good hunting hat to the barn and got it all nasty!"

and I'd be all

"Whatever cingular, you better take it off now or I'm going to rip it off of you and toss you in a snowbank."

and cingular would be all like

"Maaaa! Buzz threatened to toss me in a snowbank with no shirt on!"

and I'd be going (under my breath)

"you fuckin little tattle tail, you better sleep with one eye open, I'm going to knock you out, take that shirt off and put it back in my dresser or I swear to God..."

and mom would be like

"you two just knock it off! Buzz leave your brother alone!"

and cingular would go

"see dude, you pissed mom off now, HAAA HAAAA"

and then I'd smack cingular in the forehead and give him a goose-egg whereby I get punished with doing his chores the rest of the week while he chills on the couch in MY fucking shirt watching He-Man and Thundercats.

Fuckin' cingular, always taking, never giving back, and consistently getting you in trouble.


Sassy One said...

You need a hug.
I'm sure you'd prefer cash.

Sorry about owing. I swear I had my fingers crossed. Everyone else is chumps.

Jessica said...

I was lacking love yesterday, too. And then my dad told me that he heard a couple of old family friends had died. WTF!!