Hump Day Snippets

  • My professor attempted to teach our class last night even though the fire alarm was going off in the background for an hour. Non-stop. She finally decided to release us before we went bat shit crazy and ate each other's faces due to the madness induced by the incessant beeping.
  • I am finally the proud owner of return address labels bearing my name and location. My parents have gotten these things in the mail for ages from charity seekers but not me. Until now. I felt like a dick for not making a contribution but oh well! Looks like I better not move any time soon.
  • My referral for an allergist consultation was approved yesterday so I have an appointment next week. They're not going to stick me with needles yet. My need for that still has to be determined.
  • My taxes are being done this afternoon so cross your fingers for me that I don't owe anyone anything. When I changed jobs in May I had to cash out the retirement I'd accrued at the city and I'm scurred I'll have to pay the gubment.
  • Tattoos have been on my mind lately and I was thinking of getting that skull and crossbones (aka Skurvy) up there on the inside of one of my heels. I'd appreciate it if you told me I was nuts or brilliant.
  • Speaking of tattoos, is the story of Britney writing 666 on her head and screaming she's the Antichrist only to attempt to hang herself with a sheet at her rehab and maybe asking K-Fed to reconcile and procreate again true? I figured if it was Perez Hilton or TMZ.com, which I may or may not be addicted to, would have covered it. Anyone have the deets?

Happy Humpin' Y'all.


Buzz said...

No deets on the Britney stuff.

I think Skurvy would be better served on your hip, but hey that's just me.

Ankle is cool too.

Rach said...

Love the tat idea although won't it hurt on your heel. Would love to get one done on my ass, lots of padding there to cushion the pain. Can't decide what to do!

Coodence said...

Hump Day Snippets

* Sucks about the prof. I met Nancoi during a fire alarm, so sometimes they are a good thing.
* Babe never gets them either. I have one million, for AIDS, for penguins, for food, and so on.
* Go HMO!
* I did my taxes last weekend and have to pay the government. Dang!
* That would be a cute tattoo.
* Speaking of tattoo.

Itchy said...

I love my free charity address labels. And I shall take them to hell with me.

As the not so proud owner of a tattoo, I say just make sure you really really want it before you get it.

I didn't get the test on my first visit to the allergist. It was a consultation then they brought me back for the poke. I bet they do the same with you.

Poke. hee hee

Jessica said...

I once saw a girl get a tat that looked something like Skurvy, but it had a bow on its skull and said "Daddy's Girl" around it. I don't know if that is a vote for or against . . .

Sassy One said...

I need to address labels. I bought some, but then we moved 6 months later..so it was wasted. Now I can't find any I like.

I haven't heard anything about your gf, but mine is apparently getting to thin and adopting a new boy. I'll have to speak to hear about her weight.

Get the tat.

Shora said...

People still mail stuff?

Poor Britney. Ever read The Superficial? My favourite site, the guy who writes it is hysterical. http://www.thesuperficial.com/

Think about when you're 50. Will you be happy with that tattoo still? If so, go for it!

Hella said...

Randi, Sassy is apparently living in a dream state if she is referring to Angelina Jolie as HER girlfriend when she is clearly mine! LOL...I kid...we share her!
Um I had to just share that I laughed out loud at the sheer brilliant of "went bat shit crazy and ate each others faces"......I love your descriptive words girl!

Ohyeaha nd the skull and bones tattoo...I am a HUGE fam of body art and if it is something you REALLY want then I say go for it. Just make sure it isn't gonna be something you regret later!