Happy Humpin'

I must confess I have an unhealthy addiction to the show I Love New York on VH1. It's like a car crash or a train wreck and I simply cannot look away. Unfortunately, I missed it on Monday due to the hockey game. Luckily for me, they replay it pretty much every night of the week so I caught up last night. I was quite sad to see White Boy go. He seemed to genuinely dig that crazy bitch. Oh well. Now it's down to the two brothers, Chance and Real, and the handsome tattle tail - Tango. My prediction is that she will narrow it down to the brothers and Real will walk away the winner because New York's scary looking mama, Sister Patterson, seems to dig that guy. If Chance wins then it will only be because New York thrives off drama and wants to be an abused girlfriend. Again? She crazy.
Anyway, this obsession started with the second season of Flavor of Love because I loved watching the drama between the women competing for Flav's affection. For the most part, the men that are after New York have been entertaining but they're lacking that je ne sais pas that the cattiness of women brings. Though watching them get drunk and fighting is quite a sight... VH1 must have come to the same realization because they have a new show called MoNique's Charm School that basically takes the women of Flavor of Love and whoops their trampy asses into classy shape. Ohmygod. I. Can. Not. Wait. There's no premiere date but you bet your butts I will be watching. Shame on me.
Make me feel better, what's your guilty TV pleasure?


Shora said...

Good lord, child, you need help. ;)

I can hardly throw stones. Survivor is still the cream of the crop in my opinion, but I do love me some reality TV. And Coronations Street! You prolly don't know wtf that is down in Cali.

Happy humping babe. xo

Buzz said...

White boy had it coming, he didn't know how to act when it came down to it.

I'm pulling for Real as well, seems like a legit dude.

My guilty pleasure is all the porn (food porn) on food network. I'm fascinated by it for some reason, all but Rachael Ray, I hate that chick.

Peeped your myspace last night for the first time, very cool


Scottsdale Girl said...

So You Think You Can Dance and also...Beauty and the Geek

Itchy said...

I don't watch any reality shows at the moment. But I did love me some Surreal Life when Alexis Arquette was on there! WOO! Good stuff.

So, guilty pleasures? Um...probably the silly "teenagery/chick flick" type movies I'll watch at the drop of a hat if I'm home alone and bored. Like "10 Things I Hate About You" and "Drive Me Crazy." Yup...I've watched both of them waaaaaay more times than I should admit...

'Just Me' said...

I read that Bret Michaels from Poison is going to do a 'Flavor of Love' type reality show!!!

But yah, I LOVE all those cheesy reality shows.