Haiku FriDay 12

Yay Blades of Glory!Jenna Fischer not as PamMy man Will Ferrell
Test me already!***12 days of bullshit dietBetter be worth it
Week started out roughWorked through my PMS angstI need some Prozac
***Just found out that what was supposed to be 14 days turned into 17 or more because I took a dumb Allegra this morning and now have to wait to get that out of my stupid system before they can do the stupid test on Thursday, April 5th. Sigh. That means no eggs, tomatoes, citrus fruits, wheat, chocolate... I better lose some more weight.


fyrchk said...

I can't wait to go see Blades of Glory! It's gonna be the first time I've gone to the movies in probably a year.

Coodence said...

Neat pics, dude!

Buzz said...

Goin' to see 'blades' on Sunday. Can't wait.


Itchy said...

WOAH! "Pam" looks sexay!
I hope sex scene is funny
with naked Ferrell

Sassy One said...

Enjoy the movie,
Alas, without any treats,
Fucking damn diet.