The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:
I went to the Kings/Oilers game last night and my team was finally triumphant. Did I bring my camera? Not so much. Anyway, LA smooshed those darned Canadians 5 to 1. Last night's game was reminiscent of last season when the Kings were in it to win it. Half a dozen "scuffles" in the third period had my brother practically jumping out of his skin and everyone is a winner.
Also, due to another's misfortune I get the opportunity to see Wicked at the Pantages Theater in LA on Friday. I saw this with BFF and Babe on Broadway and it knocked my socks off. I'll be anxious to see if the west coast is on par with the east on this one.

The Bad:
The reason I get to go to Wicked is because my father's mother is on her last legs right now. I guess the nurse told my aunt that grandma will probably not last until the end of the week. It's very sad and I hate the fact that my dad has to deal with all of this but I'm actually pretty unaffected for the most part. She and I were never very close as she lived far far away in North Dakota and we simply weren't a huge part in each other's lives after I grew into a big girl. Poor gal. She had a rough life.

The Ugly:
At the game my buddy Gerg commented on how the weather change was going to give him a cold sore. What do you know? I have one on my upper lip now. Excellent.


Buzz said...

Poor girl, I know it's hard dealing with a grandmom dying no matter how close you are. It still affects you because you adore your pops and you hate seeing him go through that. Chin up.


Shora said...

I'll let your comment slide as long as the Canadians you're referring to are of the Hab variety.

Condolences on the bad honey.

Great, now I'M gonna get a cold sore too. Oh yay.