Eat Fresh Haiku Friday

Boyfriend at Subway
Extra meat and toppings, too
Mondays and Wednesdays
Asked him for cookies
The meal comes with two of them
But he snuck me three
A flirty kidlet
Putting a smile on my face
Healthy food with love


Itchy said...

Randi and Jared
Just kidding there chick a dee
Yay! Flirty kidlet!

Sassy One said...

Had a boyfriend too,
Tho, mine was at Tim Hortons
My ass got bigger!

Buzz said...

Please don't mack Sub dude
He has dirty fingernails
And smells like stale ham.

Dark Damian said...

Cookies from your man?
No fair! I eat Subway, too!
Where's my free shit, babe?

I thought we were cool!
I thought we were tight like that!
I was wrong as hell!

That's fine; I don't care.
I eat Quiznos anyway.
They flirt with me more.

Shora said...

I joined Weight Watchers
Veggie sub on whole wheat bread
Only a few points!

Of course that's 6 inch
And you can't have any cheese
And no sub sauce. Sigh.

exile said...

a lucky girl
just don't talk with your mouth full
six inch with meat balls