Blades of Glory

Picture this. Oxnard. 2007. Opening night of Blades of Glory. I am thankful I had the foresight to buy tickets in advance. The theater is swarming with teenagers. The lights go down. The movie begins.
But first? After Talladega Nights I was concerned that perhaps my love of all things Will Ferrell was coming to an end. I was so excited and filled with anticipation for that to come out and when I finally saw it I was at best disappointed. Let down. Is this what it had come to? Will Ferrell was some kind of a cliche all of a sudden? It was a sad day for me.
I tried not to get so excited about Blades. I didn't want to feel that pain again. Somehow, I couldn't contain my excitement though. Pam from The Office was in the cast. How could things go wrong?
Luckily for me they didn't. I laughed so hard watching this movie I think I missed some parts. There are many moments that could perhaps be misconstrued as making fun of homosexuals, this is figure skating after all. This movie is exactly what I wanted Talladega to be. Utterly ridiculous hilarity. Chazz Michael Michaels is Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy, Neil Diamond and virtually all of the other characters I've ever seen him inhabit all wrapped up in one hilarious, hairy, ball of a man.
Scenes to watch out for? John Heder and Jenna Fischer smooching. Will Ferrell's opening skate routine... ok seriously? Just watch the movie. If you're disappointed I'm thisclose to saying I'll refund your money.


Macca said...

Oh this is good news. I really wanted this movie to be good, and it sounds like it is.

Buzz said...


Laughed my everloving ass off.