7 Down, 7 To Go

Well, it's official. I survived a week of starvation. Oh, if only that were true. I'm by no means starving. You would think that I would be a shadow of my former self considering I've become some sort of health fanatic but I think the truth of the matter is I am simply eating more health food to make up for the lack of goodies. Does that make sense? So while I may not be eating candy or fast food or any of the finer things in life, I'm still making sure I eat enough rice cakes and jelly that I won't go hungry. I hopped on the scale at my parents' house this weekend and if it is to be believed, I maybe lost 2-3 pounds last week. Not too shabby.
Big differences I've noticed in a week of this diet, if you care to know, are:

  • I'm in the bathroom a whole lot these days. That's all I'll say about that.
  • My fridge looks like a grown-up's fridge chock full of veggies and meat.
  • I make my meals rather than buy them.
  • Health food is much more costly than regular food so even though I'm making more meals myself, I'm still spending about the same amount of money.
  • My tummy no longer resembles Buddha. Methinks it's the lack of wheat.
  • One glass of wine can knock me on my ass now.
  • I've not felt "stuffed" once. Nor full. Not hungry, though, just not particularly satisfied.

Also? Yesterday I went on a hike and found that while I had a lot of energy, by the end of the trail I was about ready to crash. Like I was a bit shaky and simply spent. But that could have just been the bright sun at high noon. 90 minutes on the trail, followed by a healthy salad for lunch, a delightful bubble bath, an hour-long nap and then the rest of my Sunday afternoon spent lying on my couch in front of the boob tube. A great day all the way around.


Macca said...

Nice dude. Sounds like your settling into your new healthy lifestyle.

Itchy said...

2 or 3 pounds?!?! Awesome!

Buzz said...

Gotta watch your hydration and blood sugar dear Randi.

Take some eats to grind on when you're on hikes like that, as well as tons of agua.

Went through the flickr pics of the Nephew. Dang he's gettin big.

Dig your winnin' smile too, auntie.


Jessica said...

I did not spend my Sunday the way you did. I am soooooo jealous.

Shora said...

I've been trying to eat right too (must lose the non-smoking weight before wedding in Greece!) and I'm finding now that I crave the good stuff as often as I crave the bad. How freaky is THAT?!?!

Sassy One said...

Shora - I've been doing the same and I'm craving the good stuff now.

Although...I ate some really gooood/rich lasagna last night, and I too was in the bathroom...several times.