Two In A Day?

The hell you say! I just left my "Queer" class and the entire session was spent watching the star-packed film, Kinsey. What a great movie, you guys. Seriously. If you haven't seen it yet I really recommend that you put it on your Netflix queue or take a quick trip to the local rental place. The best part for me? Well that would have to be the tiniest cameo by my imaginary boyfriend! Picture me exclaiming "Ohmygod it's Jim from The Office!" Yes. I am lame. Anywho, back to the flick. Everyone does a stellar job in their roles so I'm not going to bother singling anyone out for their performance. What an incredible story. What an eye opener. For anyone that believes particular sexual behaviors are unacceptable, you should absolutely make this a mandatory viewing for yourself to open your mind. Imagine if we hadn't come from Puritanical belief! Imagine separating morality from science. Imagine the possibilities. According to the film, Kinsey and his wife had problems consummating their marriage and had to turn to someone for help. This led to great sex and the development of almost an obsessive compulsion for Kinsey to help others with their sexual issues. And what a revoluton he started. It just goes to show you, it only takes one person and a ton of passion to make a change.
Also? Peter Sarsgaard sounds exactly like John Malkovich. Please tell me you agree. In this movie - full frontal Sarsgaard nudity. Nice.


Shora said...

Can Jim be two people's imaginary boyfriend? I hope so cuz he's mine. ;)

I loved this movie too. Happy weekend hon. xoxox

Itchy said...

I wish Jim existed and that I worked with him. I heart him so much. And last night....him and Pam are killing me! KILLING ME!

OK. I watched this movie. Duh. A sex movie. All over it. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to actually be good, too!

Sassy One said...

I saw this and immediately Salt-n-Peppa's song "Let's Talk about Sex" pops into my head.

It's been there since Friday.

Thank you.