They're Here, They're Queer...

I didn't get much opportunity to talk about my Thursday "Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender course last week because the aftermath landed on Haiku Friday but this class is promising to be a goodie. It's an English/Gender Studies class and my professor is a lesbian lover of literature who tosses the term "queer" around like it's going out of style. I wasn't exactly comfortable with it because I don't use queer as a synonym for gay but she justified her use of it to people of African American descent calling each other the N-word (God forbid I actually write it out!) so they own it. Now we have Chem guy who digs "certainly," my theater prof who hearts "exciting" and then this gal loving the word "queer." Perhaps I should go forward calling them each by an alias using their favorite words in case they decide to Google themselves and land upon this little blog of mine... another thought for another day I suppose. I was blown away by how many people in my LGBT class had no history of interaction with a homosexual person. It was as if all of these teenagers and people in their early twenties had been in a cave for the span of their lives. It was simply shocking the amount of ignorant statements made and I know I'm going to have a hard time biting my tongue when it comes discussion time in class but that's all well and good I suppose. Maybe I should learn to keep some things to myself anyway.
So tonight a guest speaker, performance artist Tim Miller, is coming into our classroom. My drama prof required the class to go see his one-man show last night and so I did. I have to say, I was somewhat impressed. That's not necessarily my bag but it's always nice to be exposed to new things. The focus of the performance, however, was his relationship with his Australian partner, Alistair and the problems they have had because the United States will hardly allow him a Visa, forget about citizenship. This touched a vein for me because my uncle is in the exact same situation with his boyfriend who is from Germany. I'm not going to get all political here but I think it is absolute bullshit that this is even an issue. WTF does the government have to do with our sexuality and who we fall in love with? Why can I marry my uncle's boyfriend and it would be legit but my uncle can't? Will my uncle be forced to move to Germany where same-sex marriages are not only permitted but accepted? It would be devastating to be separated from him because of something as simple as him wanting to be with the one he loves and America not allowing that.
It is up to us, the "next generation" so to speak to make a difference. I don't want my nephew growing up in a country that is prejudice against love. Here are some links in case you, like me, are interested in becoming active in immigration equality and the legalization of gay marriage:
Immigration Equality
(212) 714-2904
350 W. 31st St. Suite 505
New York, NY 10001

Freedom to Marry
(212) 851-8418
116 W. 23rd St. Suite 500
New York, NY 10011
fax (646) 375-2069
And so concludes my political rant for the day.


Itchy said...

I find it very hard to believe that me, a girl from the wee-est of all the wee towns in WEST VIRGINIA!, has known homosexuals in her life and not any of the people in your class. Where the hell have they been hiding? Wow...

ceedee said...

In a day and age where the divorce rate is 50% - clearly, heterosexual marriage isn't all its cracked up to be. And to discriminate against people for A GENETIC TRAIT is absurd. It's time to come into the 21st century, accept people for who they are and get on with it.

Sassy One said...

I agree 100% with what you are saying! Perhaps you could bring them to Toronto with you and they could tie the knot here?
It's not anyone's business who we fall in love with/choose to spend time with. We shouldn't turn people away from anythign because of their colour, religion or sexual preference.

I too find it had to think that people growing up in this day and age hasn't had some kind of interaction/relationship with a person who is gay/bi/trans. Interesting. I'd like to know what rock these ppl came out from.

Jessica said...

Amen. As someone with a gay parent, this is definitely a cause with which I should be more involved.

exile said...

so... you learned how to be a lesbian?


Rach said...

I believe that everyone should be entitled to do what the hell they like. Had an interesting argument with my insurance company last week on the very same issue. Seems that when I add 'ex boyf for a reason' (his new name - negative reinforcement works for me) to my insurance I get 20% discount but when I try and get maddie G on there instead, I have to pay 10% more than the 20% discount too. I tried to argue that she was my new partner (which she isn't but she does borrow the landrover) but was told that this would be taken into account with documentary proof of our living together and only in exceptional circumstances. Not the same as your uncle I know, but the rot has spread to every area of the bourgoisee upfront predjudicial heirarchy aka our government. There you go....rant over too! x

Adam said...

For anyone who ever doubted that we could bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice, today the United States again took a giant step toward the more perfect union we the people aspire to. Today the Liberty Bell rings alongside wedding bells across an ocean of joy.