RIP Anna Nicole Smith Haiku Friday

"I brake for Zach Braff"
Strange sentiment to have for
A license plate ring
Went to McDonald's
Quarter Pounder With Cheese Meal
Why did I do it?
I just can't get full
Filling emotional voids
With sweet tasty treats


Itchy said...

Cheeseburger calling
looks like I should have packed lunch
Wendy's here I come

Dark Damian said...

Anna Nicole Smith.
Oh, I'll miss you so damn much.
My go-to dumb girl.

No more MENSA jokes.
No more "Give me fries with that".
No more Howard Stern.

Speaking of that man,
He is NOT the shock jock, no.
He's just a lawyer.

Goodbye, ANS.
Rest in peace, and wait for me.
Give me head up there.

Coodence said...

Some crazy pictures
That guy is so oogily
He makes my skin crawl.

McDonald's burgers
Should be on the never list
Not the now and then.

Fast food nation, yo.
Those guys die while working there.
Mix in with the beef.

Sassy One said...

That Mc-do-ho's food
Gives me green apple splatters
But I love the fries!

exile said...

hey, what the fuck man?
just where did my comment go?
was it too dirty?