Oh No She Didn't

If you look closely at this photograph of a random woman on the ferry to Sausalito, you can see what I consider as a sign of the apocalypse. If you are a woman or girl that lived through the late 80s/early 90s, you will recognize that to be a banana clip. I had no idea these were still in production but I used to rock this look almost on the daily when I was in the 7th and/or 8th grade. First leggings, now this? What is the world of fashion coming to?

Oh. And if you want to see more pics, click here. You don't need to sign in, just click the picture I think...


Hella said...

A banana clip WTF??!?!?!
That shit is sooo old school.
Next we will be seeingthe return of the braided head sweat bands & jelly shoes

You rock Randi for spotting this!

Jessica said...

Wow. I have a friend who still OWNS a banana clip which I thought was pretty bad. Actually WEARING one takes serious nerve.

Is it wrong that I sometimes miss the days when banana clips were an acceptable accessory?

Sassy One said...

Oh no she di'ent!

I remember those! I think they are better off in the past. In fact, instead of burning palms to make ashes for Ash Wednesday, we should burn evidence of all past fashion faux pas. It would be more meaningful.

JJ said...

Yeah... ummm... my lady wears legwarmers proudly.

She's swears it's because it's cold outside, not because she thinks they look cool.