New Year Resolutions Revisited

At the end of the year we all make resolutions for the following year: to lose weight, to floss at night, to hit the gym more regularly. I can honestly say that my resolutions included all of the above. While I'm not exactly excelling in any of them and it's the first of February is beside the point. The effort is there. I definitely am buying diet food, own floss and went to the gym twice this weekend. But it's a marathon, not a race... right?
Anyway, in my LGBT class, the same ignorant student that suggested that pharmaceutical companies are hiding the cure for AIDS in order to rid the world of the poor, black and gay also made a brilliant suggestion. Her proposal was this: what if instead of focusing on ourselves for our new year resolutions we set our sights on helping others. This would include being more active in our communities, donating more to charities and being all-around better human beings toward others. To pay it forward, I guess you could say. It definitely got me thinking about how selfish my actions tend to be and how "blind" I can be when it comes to the rest of the world's problems. For instance, I want to donate fight for my uncle's right to marry but my motives are selfish - I don't want him to move to Germany and be far from me. Interesting, eh?
So I guess I'm wondering what resolutions did you start out with and, upon reflection, how would you revise them now? Or would you?


Sassy One said...

My resolutions are the same, but I've since altered them. I just want to be healthy. Still selfish perhaps, but I truly believe I have to take care of myself so I have more to give to others.
Another resolution/goal? Become a foster parent. A work in progress.

Itchy said...

My resolution was to try not to curse so much. Yeah...it isn't going so well. BUT...I change it to mean that I'll try not to curse so much in front of my family. It bothers my Dad. So there. I'm being selfless. HA!