Nasal Congestion Haiku Friday

Went to the Kings game
Missed first period - traffic
Hardly worth the drive
Unable to breathe
Sinus headache, nose blowing
Umpteenth cold this year
Weekend plans for you?
I plan to chill so hard core
Maybe see Monkey


Sassy One said...

Randi sick again?
Visions of snot and hacking,
What to do with you?!?

Hitting the car show,
vintage, new and custom too,
Wish I had more cash.

Buzz said...

Have a great seekend awesome girl.

I'm watching Reno 911 me this weekend at some point.

Be good, and chill like crazy!

exile said...

after reading the first haiku i thought you said you missed your period, all i could think was "it's not mine, right?"

just a gut reaction