First Reaction

Brought to you by the letters BFF:
1. Beer: Mother's Milk
2. Anorexic: Sickeningly fashionable
3. Relationships: Unsuccessful
4. Your Last Ex: Lingers
5. Power Rangers: Pogs
6. Weed: Giggling munchies
7. Air Freshener: Artificial flavoring for the bathroom
8. Smoking: Stinky fingers after a night of drunken debauchery
9. The president: Not qualified for the job
10. Fish: Sushi - I like it raw.
11. Cars: Vehicular Manslaughter
12. Gas Price: Mo'Money
13. Halloween: Bite sized candies
14. Bon Jovi: Bad hair on men
15. Religion: Evil brainwashing
16. Myspace: Breeding ground for whores and deviants
17. Worst fear: Never again feeling the butterflies of love in my stomach
18. Marriage: Not in the near future
19. Paris Hilton: Utterly useless
20. Brunettes: Intelligence
21. Redheads: BFF's hubby
22: Politics: Wish I knew more about 'em
23: Pass the time: Naps!
24. One night stands: Unfulfilling
25: Cell Phone: Broken and expensive to replace
26: Pixie Stix: Crack for kids
27: Vanilla ice cream: An empty canvas for flavor
28: Port a Potties: Tailgating
29: High: Been there
30. Pajamas: Are for lounging in, not sleeping in.
31. Woods: Heh heh. You said "wood."
32. Wet Socks: Blisters in NY
33. Alcohol: Alcoholics
34. The word 'love': Say it like you mean it
35. My best friend(s): are a very patient group that I couldn't live without
36. Money: Wish I had more
37. Headache: Worst thing ever
38. Love: Ethan
39. Time: stands still for no man.
40. Divorce: stay away from my family.

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