Cookie Recipe Haiku Friday

Cake Batter Cookies
Three-hundred fifty degrees
One box of cake mix
Add 2 eggs to it
Half a cup of veggie oil
Bake for eight to ten
So very yummy
I bought confetti cake mix
Makes them pretty, too


Dark Damian said...

Chocolate chip's the best.
Fresh and warm and soft inside,
I get so aroused.

I'd commit a crime,
Just to eat a dozen of
Your homemade sweet treats.

Send a care package.
I'm in dire need of help.
I'm de-cookie-fied.

Famous Amos, yes!
Soft Batch, Hard Batch, whatever.
I need cookies, STAT!

Jessica said...

I am going to make these this weekend. Then I might eat the entire batch. It's been that kind of week.

Sassy One said...

I'm still working on bag of those "real fruit" chewy things...all heart shaped...yum!

tkkerouac said...

very creative!