Black Wednesday

Valentine's day is a holiday I haven't celebrated in a long time. Ever since my on-again/off-again ex of 5 years broke up with me twice on February 14th it has kind of lost its appeal. However I'm still representing with my red sweater, heart jewelry and festive holiday socks. I am more than ready for the incessant commercial bombardment to come to a screeching halt. There should not be a stigma associated with singlehood or for not having a sig other one day out of the year. If I see another online article about how to "survive" VD if you are single, I promise you I will lose it. Has anyone ever died because they were alone on this day? In order to put a fun spin on VD, leave me a comment about your best or worst ever. Come on. You know you want to. Oh. And Happy Valentine's Day. I love you.
VD and Valentine's Day - both have a tendency to reoccur.


Sassy One said...

Meh. I don't care about Valentines Day...man or no man. Do something nice for me any other day of the year. THAT means more..and will get you laid.

Besides, it's another holiday with chocolate. My bum is thrilled.

BeckyD said...

My ex husband spent our first Valentine's Day after I moved out, stalking men threatening me and harrassing me. Then that night, came over to my new place, with our daughters and brought 3 long stem red roses (1 from each of them) as a sort of "peace offering".

3 hours later, he's on the phone with me telling me if I ever want to see our daughters again, I had better get my slutty a$$ out of whoever's bed it was in and come over and f*@k his brains out, like a good wife should on Valentine's day.

Yeah, I could really feel the love.

Macca said...

God... if this dumbass "holiday" was so perpetuated by women it would have faded into obscurity long ago.

I have so much respect for couples who ignore this day.

Itchy said...

When I was a teenager and in my very early twenties, I HATED Valentine's Day. I was the awkward friend. I was the ugly girl that was always hanging out and being the third wheel. And I hated it. Seeing all these flowers and presents being paraded around...it made me feel even worse about myself.

Then I got over it. Even without the man. I started paying more attention to my friends and their boyfriends and I realized that was the only time they did anything really nice for each other. So I decided that it was all very stupid.

And now? I'm with Sassy. Random suprises and sweet moments mean way more to me than anything my husband can do for me today. But I shaved me legs anyway....just in case! HA! I didn't even give him a card. Nada. Just shaved the legs...

(ps - Even though I'm married and very secure with him...that awkward, ugly teenager still pops up when I see the parade of flowers begin at the office...even though I made it quite clear that I didn't want anything like that.)

Coodence said...

Me and Babe have been together for 10 valentine's day. Sometimes we go out, but most of the time we just have a nice dinner at home.

It's a marketing holiday. And yet, people spend alot of time being really really furious about it. Explain that. If you hate Valentine's day, you're spending too much time thinking about it.

It's just a Wednesday. No, I'm not going out to a fancy dinner, no I'm not sending or receiving roses, no I'm not making a special chocolate oozing dessert. Just indian food and a glass of wine.

One year our ceiling caved in on Valentine's day. That was pretty funny.

ceedee said...

I got a Valentime from my undergrad. It's Pirate themed, and I thought I would share it with you...."Wishin' ye a great Valentine's Day!" "What is a pirate's favorite country?"
(wait for it....wait for it)

I've been saying that all day! ARRRRRRRR-gentina....Haha!

Jessica said...

Hmmmm . . . I spent Valentine's Day in New Orleans a few years ago with some friends. Good food, great drinks, awesome atmosphere . . .

Shora said...

My husband and I started the day with a big hug / kiss, and a "Happy Valentines Day baby" and then both looked at each other and said "Stupid f'ing day". That's what we do every year. No cards, no flowers, it's all stupidity.

Yesterday I had to hit the Hallmark cards store because a co-workers mother died and I needed a sympathy card. The lineup was out the door so I had the pleasure of standing in line for 45 minutes with a bunch of men who were buying valentines cards at the last minute because the had to, not because they meant it. They were not happy men. Stupid f'ing day.

That being said, Happy VD babe! xoxox

Hollz said...

broke up with you 2 times on valentines day!!!!!!!! what a dick

Randi said...

Hollz - Two separate VD's. Woah. Out of context... haha

HDW said...

I am sure I have a plenty in regards to my dating history and the Jackasses I knew, but VD sucks for me because my girlfriend was run over by a TRACTOR that day and smooshed up something good. She lived, but man, it was a long haul outta that dark place. Very scary.

(and then her house got wiped out by a tornado, the fridge fell on her grandma, her car caught on fire later and burned an upside down peace sign in her hood).

The end.

Randi said...

HDW, All in one day? Holy shit. In all seriousness. Wow. That sucks.

Hella said...

I guess I fall under the category of liking Valentines day.
It never bothered me when I am single and it was nice when I am with someone.
But for the past 5 years I have been one of those mom's that gets their kid a little box of chocolates as a little treat.
I'm a sap I guess! LOL