Ash Hump Day

So thanks for the input on yesterday's post but you guys are all cheaters. You're not supposed to give up something you don't like. Silly monkeys. I've decided to go with soda and candy. I eat more candy in a day than most people do in a week because our office doubles as a candy store apparently. For instance, my folks went to Walgreen's and the Valentine's Day candy was on clearance. They went to grab a couple boxes and the owner said, "Take as much as you can put in your cart for $30." So they did. An entire cart full. Mom reckons she got about $400 dollars worth. Half of that is now in my office. I have a bag of Reese's peanut butter cup miniatures and a bag of Hershey's Kissables in my possession that I will dive into post-Easter. Scottsdale Girl gave a brilliant recommendation to do volunteer work for Lent but I'm so busy I can hardly find time to take a shit never mind working for a soup kitchen. Perhaps some other time when I'm feeling charitable instead of like a big fat heifer.

And on a completely unrelated note, it was Chinese New Year recently and this is the Year of the Boar (pig, whatever). So here's little piece of trivia for you: In Mandarin the word for meat automatically defaults to mean pork because apparently that is the most eaten meat in China. How about that??? The picture below is a boar made of plants and flowers I saw in a shop in the Castro over the weekend. Very clever.

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Sassy One said...

I decided to quit any form of junk food whether it be candy or cookies (mmm cookies!) or whatever.

And I'm seriously going to try and atleast cut down the amount of cuss words that fly from my mouth. I could make a sailor blush.