Hetero Life Partner and I decided to ignore the critics' one-star ratings of The Number 23 and gave it a view last night. So often magazine reviews of upcoming films tend to be a bit too harsh and they don't usually gel with my taste in movies so I ignore them. This time, though, they were pretty much right on the money in trashing this one. Carrey works in animal control and after a dog bite, a series of events occur that bring him to read a book entitled The Number 23. He relates so much to the lead character, a detective driven to murder thanks to an obsession with 23, that he slowly begins to unravel. (Side note here - one reviewer said that Carrey's narration voice was borrowed from Ben Stiller's Zoolander character and damn if he wasn't dead on. Not that that distracted me or anything...) I'll give Joel Schumacher credit here by saying visually this movie is quite creative and pleasing to the eye. It borrows its look from film noir movies of old and looks like a pulp fiction novel come to life. Basically Carrey and a very svelte Virginia Madsen play dual characters in dual story lines so the visuals separate the two. The Number 23 has a plot twist at the end that I didn't see coming but it wasn't good enough to save this movie. And? It wasn't even scary like I thought it would be. Personally, I think Jim Carrey should go back to the funny. Maybe team up with Tom Hanks and have a good laugh so the two of them can return to being the comedic actors I fell in love with. Maybe bring Bosom Buddies to the big screen with Carrey taking over Peter Scolari's role. Oh, Buffy and Hildegarde, we need you now more than ever.


Sassy One said...

I'll save the 9 bucks.

Buzz said...

Thought you were going to see Reno 911?!?!?!

I can't talk though I didn't see it either.


steve said...

Damn and I love Jim!! Glad you warned me:-}

steve said...
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