10 More Things

Or 55 but who's counting? Stolen from Hella:
10 Firsts
1. First Best Friend: Crusty - We met at the ripe age of 2. She was my neighbor. I had a big girl bed that she coveted. She's family now.
2. First Car: An '89 silver Ford Taurus that I literally drove until it fell apart. Thanks, Dad.
3. First Love: It has to be my nephew, Ethan. When he was born my heart exploded and I cried everywhere. To love someone that is minutes old is incomparable.
4. First Vacation: Cross country road trip with the folks where I apparently sang the ABC song into the ground and loveloveloved Elvira by the Oakridge Boys. Giddyup a boom, poppaboom, poppamowmow.
5. First Job: Babysitter at the tender, impressionable age of 12.
6. First Piercing: My ears obviously but the only other would be a belly button ring I've had since the day after high school graduation... going on 12 years now. Damn, I'm old.
7. First Concert: I believe it was Michael Jackson at Dodger Stadium with my Dad
8. First Record/CD bought: I don't remember my first purchase but the first record I fell in love with was Sesame Street on my Fisher Price record player.
9. First Real Love: I believe this was covered in number 3.
10. First Screen Name: My first email was randipoo because my dad used to call my mom (Andrea) Andypoo when they were dating. How creative. Now I just go by Randi as that is my Christian name.
9 Latest
1. Latest Alcoholic Beverage: Fat Tire for life!
2. Latest Car Ride: Coming to work this morning
3. Latest Movie Watched: Smokin' Aces.
4. Latest Phone Call Made: To South Carolina for a work PO
5. Latest Jacuzzi Bath: Probably about a month ago I went to the hot tub, does that count?
6. Latest CD Played: A Corazon Abierto by Alejandro Fernandez. Sexiest. Voice (and face!). Ever.
7. Latest Time You Cried: Wednesday night.
8. Latest Meal: Special K with strawberries
9. Latest Curse: I don't even notice when I curse because it happens so often. Shit?
8 Have You Ever
1. Dated on of your best friends: He became a close friend later but "best" is pushing it.
2. Been Arrested: Not yet...
3. Fallen in love at first sight: Yes. But it could have been lust now that I think of it.
4. Been in a T.V. program: The Big Tomato, a local show when I was a Brownie (Girl Scout)
5. Had your heart broken: Much
6. Said you love someone without meaning it: Yes to avoid an awkward situation. I was 17.
7. Made a prank phone call: Yes of course! Anyone who hasn't yet totally should.
8. Shoplifted anything: I stole 2 Disneyland figurines and some lipstick in 8th grade.
7 Things You Wear
1. Glasses
2. Diamond Earrings
3. Watch
4. Thumb ring
5. Undergarments
6. Clothing
7. My heart on my sleeve
6 Things You've Done Today
1. Got out of bed
2. Dressed myself
3. Fed myself
4. Drove to work
5. Blogged
6. Dabbled in work
5 Favorite Things
1. Being an Aunt
2. Cuddling
3. Movies
4. Reading
5. Eating
4 People I Can Tell Anything To
1. BFF
2. Crusty
3. Anyone who will listen
4. The blog world (I'm not much of a keeper of my own secrets, can you tell?)
3 Choices
1. Black or White? This is the problem - we shouldn't forget the shades of gray
2. Summer or Winter? Winter in NY because it doesn't exist in CA
3. Chocolate or Chips? Chocolate in any shape or form
2 Things To Do Before You Die
1. See the world
2. Get my mother-effing Bachelor's Degree
1 Thing You Regret
1. Having so little self esteem that I lost sight of myself and my needs for so long.


hdw hearts oak ridge boys said...

Great list, mama!!

I, too, loved Elvira. I have a distinct memory of replaying that on my mom's record player, and dancing around the house with my cousins.

Sassy One said...

Hey slacker..nice list.
I must try some of this Fat Tire you speak of.

Itchy said...

Elvira! OMG! Me and my friend at home used to sing that hell outta that song. Good times man, good times.