TGI Haiku Friday

London pics are up
Ofoto* and, yes, Flickr
Can you see them all?
So busy at work
Not sure if vacay is worth
All of this "catch up"
Am I sick again?
Co-workers and airplane air
Cover your mouth, please!
*You shouldn't have to sign in to see the Ofoto link. Just click on that "Randi's Slideshow" thingy. Beware of unflipped pics, mucho multiples and "trying out the new camera" practice shots of low quality. If you have trouble, e-mail me at randi77 at gmail and I will hook you up. I don't want to overwhelm my blog with London pictures. Ta!


Dark Damian said...

Welcome back, homegirl!
Seems that while you were away,
Nothing much went on.

I hope you had fun.
Big Ben and Picadilly,
Heathrow and bad teeth.

God, what a long flight.
All the way around the world
Hope your ipod's charged!

SoCal missed you, though.
I heard skaters everywhere
Celebrated you.

Hella said...

Welcome back chiquita!
Hope the trip was great, and you had tons of fun!!!
I will catch you around soon!

Sassy One said...

Excellent pictures
Made better by your captions!
But what is "brown saucs?"

Shora said...

I just sat back and enjoyed all 218 in a slide show. As usual, you have an incredible eye! And like Sass said, love the captions ("fancy thingy", "dude with no hands and feet" lol!) And I'm sure you look nothing like Buddah naked babe. Welcome home! We missed you. xoxoxox