Post #100

I should have titled yesterday's post "99 Posts But A Bitch Ain't 1" in homage to Jay-Z but clearly I missed that opportunity. Oh well. I do what I can to please the population and still come up short. Right now I feel like I'm up to my ass in alligators so this post will be a sporadic rambling of interest to no one however I feel I must live up to the expectations of a daily entry. I have a serious crush on my nerdy Chemistry prof and am very tempted to slip him an anonymous Valentine as we have class that night. Is that totally scandalous? A student hitting on her prof? I mean, if he's ten years older than me that's pushing it but still. I'd like to take him and his baggy khaki pants paired with a sweater-over-a-collared-shirt combo to a romantic candle-lit dinner sometime. That's all I'm saying. Talk to me, Dr. Schnier, about drugs and protein interactions and ligands. Talk to me faster! Faster! YES! YES! Oh. That got a way from me. All I'm saying is I like the guy. Is that so wrong?
On another note, I've decided a self-imposed exile (no, not that Exile) is just what the doctor ordered. I did not call Punchy last night as I have nearly daily for as long as I can remember.When QB called I missed it but when I returned his call I told him I couldn't see him because of laundry and homework (that was true) so that's another bird killed with the single stone. To say I've been feeling under appreciated of late is an understatement so the best I can do now is take care of me until those dummies start realizing what they're missing. And before I start coming off like I'm flawless, I do realize my shit stinks. Just not as bad. Hehe.


Buzz said...

I have students hit on me from various angles and circumstances. I even dated one for about three months before she inevitably transferred and things went back to normal. Hell I even took her to MI to meet the parents (it was over x-mass). It's not uncommon for teachers to hook up with students, especially when they're both adults.

Just don't use your cha cha for a good grade. Dr or not he'll be succeptible to poor decisions once he starts thinking with his wang.

Randi said...

But do I slip him a Valentine?

Buzz said...

Nope, corny. What would ever come of that? Uncomfortable looks shot back and forth accross the classroom?

Slip him an invite to a neutral bar, like TGIF's or something prior to Valentines day. Put the ball in his court and see what he says.

If he's down he'll show.

The only thing left to find out after that is how socially inept he is. Or not.


April said...

I like Buzz's idea. If he meets you, then slip him a valentine.

Randi said...

I wouldn't have the vaguest idea how to hit on my prof. He works at a company here in town where I know some peeps so I'm having them run a background on him. For all I know he's married. Or Gay. LOL

Itchy said...

After that, slip him a mickey.

OH I'm kidding. Don't look at me like that...

(now of course I'm wondering if mickey is the right term...rufie? whatever...)

fyrchk said...

I was going to say show up in class in a Cupid outfit, but since slipping him a Valentine is bad form, I'm gonna guess lingerie is too.

Sassy One said...

I say do it. Why not!
I had a HUGE crush on one of my profs but sadly (?) I was committed at the time so perhaps I'll live through you right now.
Go forth and valentine him.

Shora said...

Is it proper to take your class while sitting in his lap? I'd sit in his lap. I think he'd get it pretty quick. And maybe wear the lingerie too. And slip him the valentine just to be sure. Hehe. I'm a big help, eh?

How long is this course?

Now, I gotta tell you how much I continue to heart your blog. Even on days when you say you have nothing to say, you say nothing in such a hysterical and eloquent way that it's not nothing at all. I wish I could do that. I'm SERIOUSLY blog-challenged at the moment.

Happy Hump Day to you, my all time favourite blogger. MUAH!

Hella said...

LMAO at Shora, sitting on his lap for class. Too funny.
Randi I don't think a student asking a prof out is scandalous! I have many friends who ended up dating professors or coaches at their scools. Things turned out fine...and apparently lots of fun was had!
I say go for it girl!