Home Again - Jiggity Jig

Thanks for missing me, you guys! I missed you, too. Other than sort of oversleeping yesterday and having to run through Heathrow to catch my flight home it was a great trip. But, as all vacations are, it was much too short. Just wanted to let you know I made it home safe and sound but I'm simply not ready to post anything too spectacular today. Get ready to see this blog turn into a bit of a travel diary once I get my photos uploaded. Can't wait to catch up!


Itchy said...

Yay! Randi's back!!!

I cannot wait to hear all about it and see lots of pictures. Yay!

ceedee said...

so glad you're back - I missed you! LYLAS!

Shora said...

Raindrops on roses, whispers on kittens and Randi's travel posts with pictures... guess what these are a few of???

Welcome back hon! xoxox

Macca said...

Welcome back homey.

exile said...

welcome back bitch

Sassy One said...

Glad you're back!!
Can't wait to see pics..even the saucy ones I know you took!