Haiku Friday So Soon?

Gay, Lesbian, Bi
Sexual and Transgender
Last night's class subject
Trying something new
Responding to my comments
On my own wee blog
Seems to me as though
My "Heavy" post touched a nerve
At least with Itchy :o)


fyrchk said...

Your haiku's always make me laugh. My favorite is still the one you did for my blog, but dang gurl, you shore is funny.

Randi said...

Thanks, girly! BFF will credit me for the Haiku Friday but really the glory and honor is all hers.

Buzz said...

You're so damn modest.

Have a good weekend. Been at school teaching all day, haven't had the chance to email.


Randi said...

Buzz, I give credit where credit is due.

exile said...

Props for "Heavy" post
"Why do fat chicks give good head?"
"Because they have to."

Sassy One said...

Leave it to exile
to put a spin on 'heavy'
his own unique flave

Coodence said...

Thank god for Exile. This was turning into too much of a love fest for the usual biting anger I've grown accustomed to on "It's all about me."

Randi said...

Because as everyone knows by now "I hate everything."