A Case of the Mondays

Yes, it's true. I am sick once again. I feel the tingling of a cold sore on my upper lip and my lips in general feel like they've been dehydrated and run over a cheese grater. My nose is non-existent yet it still manages to produce snot and sneezes. Go figure. There is a canker sore or some other sort of bump on the tip of my tongue but it's not like it matters. My tongue no longer serves the purpose of taste. It's just an accumulator of some white, pasty mess reminiscent of bird doo. When I wake up, my teeth are coated in it, too. I hope no one's reading this over any sort of meal but guess what? I don't care. I'm sick and effing tired of being sick and effing tired. To top it off, stupid 24 premiere preempted my Fox Sunday night cartoons and that fills me with ire. I found some dumb bugs, a cockroach and some other pinchy looking devil, and now they have to bomb my apartment. GIVE ME A BREAK. Sigh. K. That's all. Pity party, table of one. I'm all set. Thank God for Starbucks Venti Zen & Refresh tea with three honeys. Seriously.


Shora said...

Oh no! Again?! I have a cold sore in the same place... if you lived closer I'd accuse you of giving it to me.

You and Hella, poor sickies. Get better soon hon. MUAH.

Rach said...

Not again, I don't believe it! That sucks.,....really! Have you tried echinacea, boosts your imune system. Your hol pics look lovely, you seem to have a great time. Next time you are here we are so going for a pint together.

Sassy One said...

Blech! Between you and Hella I think the two of you keep the cold medication industry in business.

Feel better :-)

Hella said...

Randi, don't listen to Sassy babe! I feel your pain. I have the blasted flu and feel like I have been hit by a mack truck. I say we get together in our jammies and pop flu/cold meds and drink tea!
Besides ask Sassy about her lovely bought of bronchitis a few years back that left her with a get sexy voice;P
Feel better soon hun!