Sometimes I'm utterly comfortable being a single gal on the brink of thirty. Most times, I think I've actually convinced myself that I don't need a man to be happy. Then, I will have a dream like the one I had last night and realize maybe I'd be open to the idea of a little romance. Mind you, I realize romance doesn't translate to relationship so let's just take a look at my dream, shall we? I dreamed of Jim from NBC's The Office. What a cutie! I've only watched a handful of episodes but I've seen the way he looks at Pam and the flirtatious way they act toward each other and I actually miss having that with someone. Anywho, back to the dream. I'm living in New York City and riding the subway and somehow Jim and I come together and sparks fly. The whole time we're kissing and flirty with each other I think of poor Pam and so does Jim but we realize we have to be together. This insanely happy aspect of my dream goes on for what seems like forever but inevitably it has to be ruined by something. The alarm clock, for once, was not the culprit. This time, it was my family to blame. I had to put the pedal to the metal and leave Jim's kisses and embraces because I had to get to a family birthday party and I was going to be late and knew all hell would break loose. Story.Of.My.Life. People, seriously.
On a side note, how is it that when you treat a man poorly he won't get off your jock but if you treat him like a king he kicks you to the curb? I just ask because I have had little to no contact with quasi-beau since the drunken Christmas party episode and who sends me a text message this morning to see if I'm back from London? You got it. QB. I wrote back: Got back on the 9th. Think he'll take the hint that I've been back over a week and have yet to call him? Nah. He'll probably end up buying me a diamond ring. Dumbass.


Itchy said...

If I were to actually encounter "Jim" in a real life scenario...I'd be such a huge geek because I have a huge crush on Jim. And I never really get crushes on TV characters. But Jim I love. And my husband even said last Thursday "You'd date Jim if he were in your office wouldn't you?" HA! I'm a nerd. I love with Jim....a love that will never be. *sigh*

And don't ask me how boys think. I have no clue. Other than some of them like a chase. A project, if you will. A "I must win this girl by all means necessary!" just because they are boys and that's what some of them do. Boys are silly.

Sassy One said...

Just make sure it's a really big diamond and he agrees to an 'open' relationship :P

Shora said...

What is it about him eh? He's adorable.

But... the British version of The Office rules!

JJ said...

He's all right, I guess. But I sort of have a crush on Pam.

dirk.mancuso said...

How friggin' cute is Jim on THE OFFICE? He gives this gay boy the cardiac pitty pats every Thursday night. That bitch Pam needs to wake up or step off.