Thanks, Shora, for a brilliant idea to fashion a wee statement using the letters of the alphabet in sequence. Clever, little devil.

A boy called Doug eagerly fastens girdles. He is just killing ladies, men, ninjas... Oh please question Randi seductively to understand visions while x-raying your zebras.

Go ahead, you give it a try!


Shora said...

Awesome babe! Thanks for playing. I'm that much closer to meeting Jon Stewart. xoxoxox

Sassy One said...

We'll get her to Jon Stweart yet eh?

I did it too.

JJ said...

assholes, bitches, cocksuckers, dicks! everyone! fuck getting high - i just kick little midgets. naked orifices poop questionable rankness. suck twat until vagrants wrangle xenophobes yanking zippers.

JJ said...

I posted it here as well.