• Can anyone tell my why my sexy CFM avatar isn't showing up when I post comments on the blogs of other people?
  • Got the nephew to smile and do some sort of coo-laugh over the weekend. I felt triumphant.
  • This is finals week for me. 1 project down, 1 to go and then bye-bye semester.
  • I don't like drunk people when I am not drunk. All the uncontrollable eye rolling and word slurring - no good.
  • Brought my camera to the Parade of Lights at the Channel Islands Harbor. Said camera did not have its battery inserted, therefore you get to see none of the Christmas-y decorated boats.
  • It rained all weekend.
  • The word "alpaca" when said with a lazy Spanish accent is sure to get you some laughs
  • Miss Kitty and I were serenaded by an acoustic guitar player on Saturday night. He sang "Black" by Pearl Jam and we may or may not have orgasmed.
  • Finally looks like St. Nick booted in my apartment. Pictures to follow (and I know you're on the edge of your seat).


Buzz said...

Dang that battery! It's time for a new camera fo sho.

Dark Damian said...

I can play "Black" on acoustic guitar. It's just about the only song I CAN play on guitar, besides "Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town".

I like Pearl Jam.


Sassy One said...

Mmmm I love Black by PJ.