There's Got To Be A Morning After

Christmas was a success. Everyone was spoiled as usual but no one more than Ethan. By the time my brother loaded his truck with presents it looked like they'd just left a toy store shopping spree. The back of the SUV was completely filled from top to bottom. It was awesome. Ethan loved his Elmo T.M.X. as well as the Hokey Pokey Elmo that the great-grandparents bought him. He even looked like Elmo, too, in his red Christmas jamamas. We had a mini disaster in the morning when the circuit breaker of our home decided to go kaput and left us without power for hours. Mom was convinced Christmas breakfast was ruined but my brother has connections thanks to his job in construction and was able to call his electrician buddy over to save the day. Breakfast ended up being brunch but no one seemed to mind. We threw the roast on the BBQ so it was all good. I ate so much that I ended up with a migraine and sicksicksick to my stomach. What a way to end the holiday. I was in bed at 8:30 p.m. No joke.
My favo gift was a brand new digital camera that has all the capabilities of a 35mm. One of those cameras with a fancy lens you get to turn around manually to focus. I can't wait to figure that thing out. I'll probably end up taking a digital photography class this summer at the community college. My brother wants me to master it so I can take portraits of Ethan and he can say, "My sister took that." Sometimes he's so nice I want to cry. Haha. Must be the Christmas spirit lingering on a bit. Hope you all had happy holidays. It's back to work for me today. I bet you're jealous.


Sassy One said...

Sounds like a great Christmas. Hella saved mine! Her mom stuffed us full of food and booze! Santa was good to me despite being naughty.

So does this new camera mean more HNT pics???? :D

I have until the 8th off...you can shit on me later :P

Shora said...

Sounds wonderful babe. Mine was too. I want one of those cameras!!! Bitch. But I KNOW you'll put it to excellent use.