The Pursuit of Sappyness

Of all the movies I could have seen today, I'm glad I went to this one. I'm not sure any other would or could have had the same effect. Right now I'm in a bit of a funk that I'm sure has a lot to do with my incessant worry over turning thirty and not being where I thought I'd be in my life at this point but probably even more to do with it being that time of year. The holidays bring out the best in us don't they? So do the cliche "feel good" movies of the season. Will Smith has proven himself to be quite the movie star but something about his cockiness turned me off to him as an actor. I definitely wasn't in line to see Bad Boys II if you know what I'm saying. In this role as a down on his luck man whose life is the very definition of Murphy's Law, Smith's performance tugged my heart strings to the point where I left the theater with nary a trace of the eye make-up I went in with left on my face. His real life son, Jaden, plays his son on screen and actually put in a performance that didn't leave me cringing like many of the child actors of today often do. In the story, everything from abandonment to homelessness falls on the duo and in the end, obviously, they triumph. But literally not until the last few seconds of the movie. And I doubt that qualifies as a spoiler because everyone saw that coming.
I left Happyness with a completely different outlook on my current situation. Yes, things could be better but at least I'm not sleeping on the floor of a dirty public restroom and have more than $21 in my checking account. Sure, I don't have kids but I also don't have kids I can't afford or care for in the way I'd like to ideally. I don't currently have a sig other but I also don't have anyone abandoning me when my chips are down. Ultimately, as the movie discusses in one of its ever-so-sappy voice overs, happiness isn't guaranteed. All we can do is pursue it. Some of us might spend our lives doing just that. Pursuing it. So right now, I think that's what I will do. Pursue my own happiness and stop relying on others to make me happy. Boy, do I love a good movie.

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Girl, I love your movie reviews!