Press Release

Dear Friends, Family and Bloggers I correspond with via e-mail,
It has been brought to my attention by a couple of very close pals (who shall go unnamed) that I've been doing a little bit too much complaining of late so I want to extend a heartfelt apology to anyone who has been on the receiving end of my bitching. It's true, this semester was rough and the quasi-beau really put me through the ringer but really? Things are pretty good and I should definitely be looking on the bright side of life. The other day my mother found a lump in her breast and was worried it was cancer but it's not. See? Things like that should make me super happy and ecstatic. I think sometimes I exert too much energy focusing on the negative and forget to be thankful. And I'm grateful that my friends are comfortable enough to tell me that I'm a whiner because that way I can fix it. Step 1? Ditch quasi-beau for good because I deserve better and he brings me more irritation than pleasure. Step 2? Celebrate the fact that the last semester is under my belt. Step 3? Get my lazy behind back to the gym and put the energy I've used to complain towards tightening this jiggly rear end of mine.
It's time to enjoy the Christmas season by appreciating decorations and singing along to Christmas carols (even though they'd be better if BFF was singing them the way she does whilst shopping on 5th Avenue. Sigh.). Crusty will be here one week from today. My favorite (and only) uncle and his beau will be down from San Francisco for Christmas. I got 3 more gifts last night so the shopping is nearly done. I'll be making traditional pizzelles with Gran and my mom on Friday night and all will be right in the world.
So here's to new beginnings and less complaining. Thank you to everyone that ended up being a receptacle for my verbal garbage. My bad.


Shora said...

Looks like my return to blogland was well timed! ;)

I've missed you! Rants and all. xoxoxox

Itchy said...

Dude...people gotta be able to release frustration from time to time. We all go through spells where "all we do is complain."

Sure it's good to look at the bright side and all the good things we have...but that's not always a realistic way to be. We have frustrations. We need to get them out somehow. Ya know.

I am glad to hear that your mom's lump isn't cancer though. That is awesome news...

Jason said...

Hey, this is your blog, if you want to complain, then complain. If you want to shout for joy, then do so. This is your party.

Anonymous said...

Bitchin can be sexy you know.