One Thumb Up, One Down

I dragged Eli to see Night at the Museum yesterday afternoon because I got off work early and have LOTS of gift certificate money from Christmas to spend at the movies. My emotions are mixed on this one. I really enjoyed it but I think most of that has to do with the fact that Museum is filmed in New York, one of my favorite places in the world. The special effects are really wonderful and if I were a wee one I would be awfully entertained. However, I'm not a wee one and I'm quite jaded. Both Eli and I agreed that there was a bit too much going on in this movie. There's the father/son dilemma, the ex-wife/new fiance dilemma, the unrequited love interest aspect, a bit of a caper with some unsuspecting bad guys and the Sacagawea/Curator storyline. I don't expect you to follow but then again, I don't think the makers of Museum did either. Don't get me wrong, I laughed and I really had fun watching this movie but most of it is visual stimulation. The storyline really suffers due to poor editing making the flow awkward. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are always a hoot but in an old friend sort of way... you know what they're capable of but something is missing because their more adult humor is stifled in this children's movie. It's a feel good holiday flick, though. There's no denying that. It's just too bad Charlie Murphy's role was merely seconds long. Museum is a tad bit longer than it needs to be but take the kiddies. I think they'll love it and it's mature enough that grown ups won't suffer through it.

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Sassy One said...

Funny enough, I haven't heard too much about this movie, except for talking to a student about the book version he bought at the book fair. I had no idea it was a movie and got one of those "duh, Ms. Sassy, it's a movie...dontcha know anything?"