Ohmygod I'm Sooo Britney!

I totally dumped quasi-beau via text message yesterday just like Brit Brit allegedly dumped Fed-Ex. Enough was enough. We haven't seen each other since the drunken Christmas party incident though he has consistently been calling me since then. Mostly it's like we're GPSing each other's locations. "Hey, I'm at the bar." "Right on I'm at home." "OK, talk to you later?" "OK." And scene. For days and days on end. The clincher was a text message he sent me in the dark hours of Saturday morning that read "You sleep?" Um, obviously. No, Dummy. I'm up doing jumping jacks at 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday. Shit for brains. Anyway we'd done the GPS thing again last night and he said he'd call me back. I responded with a text message of my own that went a little like this:
"You don't have to call me back. I can tell you could give two shits about me anyway so have a great xmas and new year without me. Peace."
He wrote back "You have a good one too. Peace."
WTF? God he's an idiot. Goodbye and good riddance.
And so begins step one of my game plan of a few posts below. Today there is even a gym bag in my trunk. Dear Lord. This is really happening isn't it?


Rhys said...

Good for you, girl! You deserve so much better.

Coodence said...

Good riddance!

JJ said...

Now that's what I call a New Year's resolution. Fuck yeah.

Hella said...

You are awesome girl!
Good for you, you need someone better than that!

Sassy One said...

Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

On to (*ahem*) bigger and better things!

Itchy said...

If that was the only response he could muster up...then you are totally way better off without him.

Shora said...

Tell me you don't expose your hoohoo for the paparazzi.

He was not worthy!