My Decorations

Two stockings for one me? Hardly seems right.
When I was a wee girl my mom made these
Wizard of Oz ornaments by hand - my favorites.
After an 8-hour work day, a final exam and an hour of Christmas shopping, I was too pooped to get all glamorous for an HNT but I thought I'd honor Os's request and put up a pic of my tree anyway. Well, a tiny tree and my loft support pole decorated like a wannabe tree but at least the spirit's there. Most of my ornaments are cartoony and that suits this kid trapped in a grown-up's body just fine. Happy holidays. Only 10 more shopping days...


M G said...

never thought of decorating the garland like that but I LOVE it!

Dark Damian said...

Your Christmas decs are tiz-ight. Nicely done!