The Haiku Friday Before Christmas

Three more days away
Presents wrapped under the tree
Some baking to do
Uncle is in town
Crusty arrived late last night
Visiting to do
Hooray for Christmas
Have yourself a merry one
Eggnog and cookies


Buzz said...

You have a merry one too groovy girl...


Sassy One said...

Eggnog with some rum
Candy canes and cookies too,
Pants button undone!

Christmas tree is lit
Presents wrapped and underneath
What a pretty site!

Enjoy your Christmas
Little E's first santa day,
Spoil him rotten.

Merry Christmas babe!
Hope it's a good one!

Oh and I stole your idea with Christmas wishes... muah!

Shora said...

Ho ho ho babe! Merry Christmas and wishing you EVERYTHING your heart desires in the new year. MUAH