First of December Haiku Friday

December begins
Twenty-four more shopping days
Christmas-time is here
Herbal remedy
Just what the doctor ordered
I feel better now
Missin' my nephew
Haven't seen him in a week
Love that little guy


Itchy said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!!





Dark Damian said...

December the 10th.
That day is my birthday, y'all.
Send some gifts my way.

Phlegm-boyant Randi!
Full of love and fun and snot.
Share 2 out of 3.

Your nephew is cute.
Little babies always rock,
Until they spit up.

It snowed yesterday.
Unusual here? I'd say.
Cats barked; dogs meowed.

Sassy One said...

Feeling sick again?
Coughing and snot never good
Kick it in the ass.

Starting the shopping
for holidays is easy
paying bills is hard!

So what's on your list?
even naughty girls should get
some Christmas prezzies.