Early To Rise Haiku Friday

My very first Bar
Mitzvah tomorrow morning
Hebrew refresher
Weekend full of plans
Playing catch-up with girlfriends
And of course family
I'll be a student
Until I'm 40-years old
That's my conclusion


steve said...

Hey just enjoy your weekend!!

Randi said...

Blogger won't let my friends talk to me so I'm posting this for Dark Damian because he worked hard on it:

Happy Holidays!
Your nephew is so damn cute,
With his bad-ass hat.

My cube is lit up.
You should SEE the Christmas lights!
Griswalds, meet your match.

Catered feast today.
I intend to gorge myself,
Then say "God, I'm fat!"

Stay in school, my dear.
The real world is full of shit.
No one likes to flush.

Anonymous said...

Wow! a Bar Mitzvah
Watch out for flying foreskins
Oh wait that's a bris.