Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

After indulging in every form of candy throughout the day, I experienced a crash and burn effect at around 6 p.m. I literally could have fallen asleep on my couch and not even thought about the fact that hundreds of little trick or treaters were swarming the streets. However, I had dinner reservations at an allegedly haunted restaurant at 7 so I had to be strong and persevere.
Hetero Life Partner and I went to Landmark 78 where, legend has it, a ghost by the name of Rosa still lingers on. Apparently she was forced into a loveless marriage to an older man and decided to have a fling. Unfortunately, her infidelity led to pregnancy and seeing no way out, she decided to hang herself and end her life. Unfortunately for HLP and I, we didn't see her ghost but we did sit through a lengthy hour and a half of dinner. I guess the food was ok but the service was pretty slow considering only 4 tables were being used. Oh well. At least we gave it the old college try.
Afterwards we headed to the Olivas Adobe for a ghost tour led by local historian, Richard Senate. Honestly? I'm a skeptic but it was neat to do a tour of one of Ventura County's landmarks in the dark and hear ghost stories. I tried to convince HLP to go into a dark room and do that Bloody Mary thing we used to do when we were kids in the mirror but she was having none of it. It was probably the most low-key Halloween I've ever celebrated and it made me miss dressing up all slutty and partying down like BFF did. Maybe next year.
And who knew candy could give you a hangover of a completely different kind? I'm here to inform, people. It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it.


Shora said...

I'm so glad Halloween is over so we can put up our Christmas decorations!!! Yay!!! (I'm totally kidding here... bah humbug)

hotdrwife said...

We always seem to have tons of candy left over. This year, we gave out over 10 lbs of that crap. And nothing left.

And there's a Ghost Tour here in Denver I've wanted to take. Takes you through the old Red Light district, into the spooky cemetary across from us ... woooo! Maybe next year.

Sassy One said...

Not one friggen piece of candy left! I didn't get to enjoy this kind of hangover...unless I hit the discounted bags of candy!