Weirdest. Gift. Ever.

Did you get a good look? Looks like a sleeping puppy, huh? Well this weird little toy tricked my buddy Eli into thinking I'd gotten a puppy. Part of its realism is that its chest rises and falls like it's breathing. Scary. Eli wanted to shoot it with a pellet gun. Can't say I blame him. My mother, crazy bitch that she is, bought this for me because I said I wanted a puppy. I'm a 29-year old woman with a fake dog. Just another thing to vacuum around. ***Update*** You, too, can adopt a Perfect Petzzz thingy. Knock yourself out.


Angela said...

Hey Randi,
Where did you get that? I might just get one myself.

js said...

lol@crazy bitch
thats awesome tho
very cool

Itchy said...

Does it do anything else or does it just sleep all day? 'Cause if it's just sleeping all day it's not that realistic! ha!

It does look cute though. And I bet it doesn't shed. Or pee in the floor.

Shora said...

OMG! My son has been asking for a puppy for years. I keep telling him our siamese cat has vetoed the idea. He'd love this! Do you have ANY idea where "Moo" (hehe) got it???

Shora said...

PS... love the pillow! xo

Itchy said...

OMG! They called the Collie a Lassie. It's not a lassie dog. It's a collie! GAH!!

Dark Damian said...

Yeah, I saw one of these, in kitten form, at the UPS Store last week. I damn-near kicked the bastard, too.

Freaky-ass thing. Of course, I suppose THAT cat won't piss into the vent eye of my stove, thus filling the entire house with the fragrant aroma of burning cat pee when I turn the oven on.

I hated that cat.

Sassy One said...

I've seen these before...cute, but kinda pointless. Although probably a lot less trouble then my pup...and all the vacuuming he has me doing!