USC vs Cal

Disclaimer: Because I am sensitive to the fact that BFF and her hubby, Babe, are Cal Alumni and I care more about marching bands than football there will be no discussion of score and/or game in this post. On Saturday I went to my second USC football game ever, first time tailgating. This makes for a very long day. There is a lot of drinking involved, outhouses and finger foods - not the best combo. We left Oxnard at 9 a.m. and got home around midnight. Wow. Some highlights? Meeting some other people from Oxnard and having them shout "805! Chiques!" Standing in a long ass line for a port-a-potty and screaming "What the fuck is taking so long?!" and having a girl come out of said port-a-potty saying, "Fuck you, bitch, talking shit!" Haha! A fight over an outhouse, people, it is on. Kicking over a band member's beer, whoopsie!
Sitting on John's Hog
Tailgating with the mens - earning title "beer wench"
Me and Tommy Trojan; The World's Best Marching Band
Party foul!
They can spell, too!
A full house

The fog rolls in


Babe said...

Um...I'm sorry. What...? The best marching band in the world? Silly woman. You must still be drunk.

Sassy One said...

I can't say I know the joy that is football/marching bands..although I have dabbled in a little tailgating in my day.

Looks like fun.

exile said...

a hottie on a hog, hehehe