Thank God It's Haiku Friday

There is nothing like
Middle of the night phone calls
Drunk and/or sober
Weekend plans are few
Just brunch for sure on Sunday
Duct tape my mouth shut
Thanksgiving's so close
I can taste that turkey now
Clothes that fit be damned


Coodence said...

ooh i like your fall
colors. really adds somethin
special to the 'ku

Dark Damian said...
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Dark Damian said...

My band gigs tonight!
Wish you could come out to see
My black ass on stage.

Then it's Chuck E. Cheese.
That place is the Devil's den.
I saw Stalin there.

La la la la la.
I just felt like saying that.
It makes no damn sense.

Randomness is king!
Ghetto booty, bad credit,
Rockets and apples!

Sassy One said...

Middle of night calls
make this sassy girl worry
thinking someone's dead.

Did I miss something?
Wasn't Thanksgiving last month?
I could go for more!

exile said...

so what does it take?
you never drunk dial me
i should keep dreaming...

Rach said...

Love it babe, great Haiku