Wow, you guys, I'm feeling the love this week, let me tell you! Last night's Election Party was rather fun. Ran into a bunch of people from my old job at the City (they still haven't replaced me! Irreplaceable!) and got to hang out with the family for a bit. Good live music, nice venue. Plus free food? You had me at hello.
Tonight I have class but I don't know that I want to go per se. An old friend from L.A. will be in town and I'd much rather see him than listen to my psycho professor ramble on about ancient Mexican culture that has virtually nothing to do with Southern California Chicano Art which is what I was initially misled to believe that the class would be about. Dang, that was quite the run-on sentence!
Tomorrow night I'm invited to a farewell party for a former co-worker so that ought to be fun. Get out there and be seen for a bit. Just cracked open the old e-mail and I got an Evite for a Girls Only Party on Friday. We all know what that means... lubes that lead to yeast infections, nipple gels that cause uncomfortable burning sensations and sex toy demonstrations. Yippee! And best of all? It's being presented by a girl I used to be on the speech team with in high school. Oh, nerds. We have so much fun.
I love when my weeks are like this, all action-packed. It makes me appreciate the days I have nothing to do so much more and makes up for the nights I've wasted in a bar. Or is that "got wasted" in a bar...

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