Last night at the hockey game we went into the souvenir store because I've been searching high and low for a women's Kings jersey with a rhinestone crown on it. (On a side note: if anyone knows where I can find said jersey, please let me know). Anyhoo, for those of you who are unaware, Staples Center, home of the Kings, is smack dab in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. I'd say about 90% of the employees there are of the African American persuasion so the ladies that work there have all kinds of attitude and I looooooove it! This stems back to high school when I saw Menace II Society and thought I was O-Dog for about a year. In the store, while I was looking for an XL in the young women sizes, one of the sales people came up to me and said , "Grrrl, they hardly ever have XL for girls like us." By "us" she was referring to myself and herself. I am a statuesque 5'8" 165 lb. woman whereas she was a squat five to six inches shorter than me and probably outweighed me by a good 20 lbs. I smiled and responded that clothes these days aren't made for women with curves and together we joked that designers had no respect for the booty and the boobies. A laugh was shared, we parted ways and I continued shopping. She then approached me again and said, "Grrrl, I have something you should look at. This is made for us plus-sized girls." Um. Ok. Someone just lost a sale. I'm all for sharing the curves comment but please don't call me plus-sized. Please. I wear a size 10 so I'm not exactly small but come on. Gotta be honest, some hopes were dashed for me so I headed to the beer stand and ordered me some nachos and a hot dog. Mmm. Comfort food. Guess who has her gym bag with her today?


Itchy said...

OMG! You are NOT plus sized. NO WAY! I've seen your pictures...nuh uh. Curvaceous and hotness. That is all...

Dark Damian said...

"C'mon, man! I'll suck your dick!"

Gotta love Menace II Society.

And you're not plus-sized. She can suck it.

(Geez, orally fixated much?)

Shora said...

I had a similar experience on Saturday. Trying on clothes, a girl about 22 years old comes out of a change room near me, I comment on how nice what she's wearing looks on her, and sales lady says "Your daughter looks GREAT in that". Bitch, I'm not THAT FREAKIN' OLD!!!!

And you, my dear, are NOT PLUS SIZED!!!

Sassy One said...

I have seen some seriously hot pics of you...and plus sized is not a word that would even enter my mind!

Work it baby.