Not Much Going

You'll never believe this but I'm still fucking sick. I'm coughing up little green cartoon characters like in that nasty commercial for Mucinex. That advertising campaign ranks right up there in the category of grossest shit ever, second only to Digger the Lamisil representative and I cringe every time it comes on the television. Seems only natural that I'd post it on my blog, right? I believe mucous equals infection so I have a call in to the doctor and I'm just waiting to hear when he'll allow me to be graced with his presence. $10 for a 10 minute consultation to tell me I have a cold. Seems reasonable. He better break me off with another prescription of intense pain killers. ***UPDATE*** I've been diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and bronchitis (to be said with a Spanish accent as follows: B-rrr-own-key-tees). A flu shot was received. I've purchased Day and NyQuil Sinus (because apparently Albertsons in Oxnard doesn't believe in the BFF-endorsed Advil Cold & Sinus) as well as a Refresh tea with three honeys from Starbucks and some fuckin' Ricola. Prescriptions are being filled and soup will be had. Let's beat this thing together.

And on another very important side note: it's Babe's birthday today! Happy birthday, Babe! He is BFF's hubby and the brother I wish I'd had. Uh, along with the one I already do, of course. God bless him on his special day. Extra thanks go to BFF for supplying a photograph as I was clearly unprepared. How have I known Babe for a third of my life yet I have not a single decent shot of him?

Dapper, ain't he?


Dark Damian said...

I think you gave me your cold. And by the way, I don't appreciate that shit, either. I'm totally regifting you.

Coodence said...

God Bless Babe. LOL.

exile said...

man, what is with us sharing virus's?

i mean shit, we've never even met in contact and we're already sharing diseases

hotdrwife said...

Ugh. I had bronchiotis the one year we were going to the Cayman's for Christmas. I thought I was going to die! Best thing ever was the Z-Pack. Knocked that shit right on out.

Hope you are feeling better, m'dear. No one should be sick during the holidays!

Rhys said...

SUCK!!! Bronchitis is miserable. Poor Randi! :( Feel better soon!!!!