Humpin' The Turkey

Last night, after getting a gorgeous red manicure, I got to kick it with the nephew for a bit. He's a month old and is already trying to build the leg muscles of a competitive kick boxer. I think he likes funk music because his little ass was dancing. Serious. He's all about being awake now and looks me dead in the eye. G-damn I love that little man. He's so handsomes. Got some professional photos done and he looks just like Dr. Evil's mini-me... cute baby form instead of not-so-cute midget.
I had Cold Stone's for dinner. That's right. Ice cream for dinner. To be exact, pumpkin pie ice cream with the following ingredients mixed in: whipped cream, caramel and graham cracker crust. Yum-me. That's all I'll say about that.
If I wasn't four days dry I'd head over to BJ's for a pumpkin ale after work. Four days without a drop of liquor. And they said it couldn't be done! Gotta be honest, it feels good. I'll probably celebrate my new found sobriety by having a couple beers with tomorrow's appetizers and a glass of wine with my Thanksgiving dinner because, let's be realistic. A whole day with the family? It's really not negotiable.
Other than that, I don't have much to say. BFF is in Paris so if you feel like relentlessly e-mailing me today to help me pass my work day, the invitation has been extended. But just until 4 p.m. Pacific Standard Time because the boss man is letting us cut out early. Holla.


Rach said...

4 days honey? Good on yer. Wish I could apply the same determination. Well done, and happy thanksgiving to you and yours.

Dark Damian said...

Paris now, London in January...I need to hang with HER!

(call me, BFF)

Shora said...

I'm watching your flickr show on the sidebar... you really are one proud auntie! And it looks good on you hon.

Happy Thanksgiving!