Happy Birthday Haiku Friday

Happy Birthday, Bro
What a man you have become
And a great dad, too
Partied down last night
Had 2 guys ask my number
Danced the night away
Things are very good
Feeling content with my life
Is it contagious?


Dark Damian said...

Peyton Manning dude!
Randi says it's your birthday.
Make her buy you stuff.

Dancing all night long?
Bet you're feeling hungover.
Work the next day sucks.

Great pic of you two.
I can see straight up your nose.
I am so damn dumb.

Coodence said...

Happy Birthday to
your brother cyuuuurttttiiis. He makes
good lasagna. yum!

Itchy said...

My haiku is broken...dammit.

Happy Birthday to your bro...

And you are sooooo pretty Randi...I'm glad to hear some contentment.

ceedee said...

Happy Birfday, Curtis! Happy Day, Dad! I hope it's great...and as a request...MORE BABY PICS!
LYLAS! crust

steve said...

2 guys huh?? :-}

have a great weekend!

Sassy One said...

Best wishes to bro,
And to Randi with those men,
Hope they are not duds!

Love those pearly whites
Such a pretty gal you are
Men: Eat your hearts out!

Glad to hear it's good
I wish it was contagious
Waiting game played here.

Shora said...

Look at you, so cute!
All perfect skin and white teeth.
Happy Birthay bro!